Judging by preliminary ratings from last night, Gotham wasn’t a big hit, but it wasn’t a flop either. 

Still it was beaten by The Big Bang Theory - I really don’t get why people love this show, but then I wasn’t really impressed with Gotham - followed by The Voice and Dancing with the Stars.

So it was 4th in the timeslot, but probably did better among, you know, the desirable demos.

Anyway, if you’re curious about other new shows, let’s just say this, the awful looking Scorpion might get its back nine based on the boost it got from TBBT, while Forever, about a guy who can’t die, is probably DOA.

Listening to the full debut album by Exuma and Buster’s not really down with it.

Trying Mango Salsa Do Us a Flavor chips later.

If you’re interested in knowing what I think, I may tell you.

Yeah, so on yesterday’s People’s Court, there was a woman who looked like Bruce Vilanch and a guy named cowboy.

Why yes, the case did involve drinking.

And someone apparently soiling themselves.

Oh, and the plaintiff was suing for $19.

Apparently the cost of filing the suit was $20.

But as the judge noted, it was all about the principle.

Because, you know, no amount of money, not to mention the humiliation of having millions of Americans know you wet your pants, can compare to winning a case based on principle. 

I had a dream that I went swimming with someone from online last night.

I kind of watched Gotham last night, but the incessant nudge nudge, wink wink of it was a real turn off.

i have always

been beneath

the moon

and wondering

what is behind it

the universe

is far too big

for anyone

to mind it.

What goes on here in your mind?

I think that I am falling down.

I’m that rare person who thinks the third VU is kind of spotty, but I will say this song cemented my love of the band. 


Hearing the words ‘to make a long story short’ about 55 minutes into a 75 minute interview you’re transcribing.

I admire people who transcribe that don’t feel absolutely exhausted after a few hours of it.

Only LinkedIn could send a message saying people are looking at my LinkedIn profile and make that feel kind of skeezy.