Light of Day (Springsteen Cover) - Joan Jett / Michael J. Fox

This song has been in my head all day. I remember going to watch this when it came out.

/// I still cannot believe Joan is not in the R&R Hall of Fame.

That, my friends, is some serious bullshit.

More than a decade on, Sandra Barry was going by the name Alice Spring and this is what she sounded like…

Hey kids, let’s do the shake with Sandra Barry and the Boys.


Read my earlier post.

After you shake. 

Still pretty certain that you’ll never have to see a naked picture of me online. 

You’re welcome.

I’m sure its an art blog.

/// I’m sure several guys named Art probably really enjoy that Tumblr blog, but no.

Thanks, but no thanks ‘michiganmilfsex’ tumblr account.

(clicks ‘ignore.’)

I came to this by way of the AV Club and it makes for a fascinating read, in that it really illustrates the difference between British and US TV, at least geared to kids.

I can say that, when I was a wee bairn, I liked the US shows that aired here because, you know, characters on US shows actually spoke whereas the UK cartoons and whatnots typically had narrators tell you what the characters said instead. 

Plus, you know, Sesame Street always had the promise of Muppet sketches dissolving into anarchy.

Kind of like Python sketches.

No wonder the Muppet Show could only have been made in the UK.

blondmisanthrope said: Some might ask if that makes you crazy. Possibly. Kidding aside, I would remove it.

/// So you’re saying Gone, Daddy, Gone?

Leave it to you to remind me of another album I’d need to dump that I used to like…

I look at it this way: I loved Hendrix’s music. I deployed his drug abuse and behavior. Mozart was a drunken womanizer. His music transcends his person. Appreciate the music, eschew the personality.

/// I find that easier to do with artists from the past.

In part because, you know, they’ve died.

In part because, you know, we are all conditioned, unfortunately, to say ‘those were different times.’

But it’s harder when it is a current artist who is contemporary and active to say ‘I can make distinctions between the art and the artist.’

Remember, I dumped all of my Beck when I realized he was a Scientologist.

Kept all the Isaac Hayes recordings made before they got him.

Those aren’t comparable, but the fact that  Cee-Lo and R Kelly are still out there and their music/personalities are prevalent to a certain extent in pop culture, it makes it hard to enjoy their work, particularly when you see and hear that work used in reporting about them. 

…and now I have to decide do I grandfather Cee-Lo’s music that I liked and was done before he pleaded no contest to drugging and raping a woman, or if I pull an R Kelly and delete every song from my iTunes because between that and his tweets, I’m repulsed.