Based on the reaction to my rocktober post, I guess no one likes Roxy Music.

Yeah, so, I made dinner this evening because m’lady has Wednesday commitments, but alternate weeks, she’s home for a bit before heading out to one.

Today it was a country pasta.

Oddly, it only called for a cup of rigatoni pasta and said it served 6, but it didn’t say it was a side dish.

Oh well.

The bacon, broccoli and cheese that went in it were such that I realized I should probably drain the bacon next time I make it and either up the rigatoni content or lower the bacon content.

M’lady said up the rigatoni content.

Only in my line of work could something like this be considered research.

No really.

The ABCs of Rock.

Today, art rock.

Art rock tends to be lumped in with prog, but it is a distinct beast in that it tends to be weirder, shorter, somewhat more progressive in advancing the parameters of popular music, and occasionally darker in either tone or subject matter.

Various art rock artists - your Peter Gabriels and your latter day King Crimson, for example - were prog artists as well, so that’s another reason why distinctions aren’t always made as regards this genre.

That said, most prog fans would never include, say, Kate Bush in a list of prog artists, even though she’s done concept albums and suites.

If anything, I associate art rock more with genres like new wave, no wave, punk, DIY, experimental, electronic and alternative because all of those art forms owe their existence to some extent to art rock.

I’ve mentioned a few artists here whom I consider art rock, and could easily add more, from XTC to Lene Lovich to David Bowie to PIL to more popular acts that just skirted prog like your Moody Blues and your ELOs.

Though I don’t necessarily think of the latter when I think of art rock.

Because they lacked that ‘artiness’ or eccentricity that I find in a song like Peter Gabriel’s I Don’t Remember. 

The song I’ve chosen to illustrate what comes to mind when I think of art rock is Roxy Music’s Street Life, from the band’s third album, Stranded, their first without Brian Eno.

It’s got that kind of nervy, twitchy energy that I tend to associate with art rock, a kind of keen intellect, but yet an otherness, an outsider quality.

Some of the artists and albums I consider to be art rock are among my all-time favorites.

Maybe because I think I have a keen intellect, nervy energy and an outsider quality.

But what do I know?

(yes, I know Rocktober is 31 days, and there probably aren’t genres for every letter of the alphabet, so at the end, we’ll double back and add to or fill in blanks in a creative way, or I’ll drop the conceit of genres and do whatever my itchy brain tells me to.)

End yesterday with an email from NYC that more, more, more is needed.

Absolutely empty on the topic or the tone.

Spent last night challenging myself, free associating, etc.

Wrote drowzy ideas I retained from precipice of sleep, added some exercise/shower ideas and…

This morning, sent two pages and my contact is amazed.

At this point, I’m starting to be amazed too.

And I’m only half way there.

Now have to go back at it and find some other inspirations.

May have to have freezies for lunch.

Ratings update:

Don’t get too attached to Selfie or Manhattan Love Story, okay?

Because they essentially tanked in the overnights.

I didn’t like the pilot for Selfie, it was too busy, too heavy handed, too eager, although it did have some wordplay in it I envied.

Didn’t check out Manhattan Love Story and I see I’m not alone.

Meanwhile, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (man, I hate typing that), was down again, but it does well enough in DVR viewing that, you know, it might manage to get to third season, but it’s still a disappointment given it’s Marvel and they just didn’t get this right. And Forever actually grew from that lead in, even though it was down from last week.

CBS’ procedurals don’t yet have to investigate their shrinking popularity, although Person of Interest doesn’t appear to be interesting many people this year.

NBC’s The Voice still has lots to sing about and Chicago Fire isn’t exactly on fire, but it throws enough heat to keep it around.

And Fox… 

Yeah, well, um…

(quietly shuffles out of the room.)

every day

brings change

and i am grateful

that it is gradual

if only so that i

can always adjust

to whatever it is

i am becoming

and never look

at my reflection

and wonder

where i went.

I looked up what I did for Rocktober last year for inspiration.

It didn’t help.

Tomorrow is Rocktober and this feels like a good way to ring it in.

Yeah, I winced too.

Meanwhile, a little package of Smarties and some Halloween-themed chocolates safely found its way to someone in the mid-west.