In an era…

Where rap music provides little reason to actually listen to the words and monotonous beats that are often little more than video game noise

I’m grateful to MrKinetik and Rusty Reddenbacher for eschewing trends and laundry lists of material objects and empty, easy pandering and getting to something real.

They make hip hop vital again by being restless.


By having something to say.

Their work has the scope and urgency of some of the best music ever recorded.

From Stevie and Marvin to PE and Jay-Z.

Every word matters.

And the music is actual music.

Not noise.

And if it weren’t for Twitter, I wouldn’t have any idea that they were out there.

Making hip hop that is ageless and timeless. 

And while I wish there were more folk willing to do what they do.

The fact that they are in a small number only makes what they do that much more distinct, vital and welcome.

I know I go on about them a lot.

But trust me, if you like hip hop, but not the rather empty and formulaic music it has become.

Their music will fill your heart with joy.